Diana Soria Hernandez (Mexico 1983) is an independent artist focused on the exploration of visual and corporeal language mainly through performance art but also by using video, live installations,printmaking and drawing. She studied her BA in Fine Arts at La Esmeralda in Mexico, an MFA in Printmaking by the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and is pursuing a MA in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theater Academy Helsinki, both belonging to the University of the Arts, Helsinki. Her work has been shown internationally in exhibitions and festivals in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, England, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and China.

Her practice includes self-organised events as an effort to contextualize and expand views of Latin America in Finland. In 2017 she founded PROYECTO ANALCO as a continuation of this process.Currently she lives and works in Finland and Mexico. She has received working grants by Finnish Cultural Foundation (2018) and from Kone Foundation (2016)




Visual and Performance Artist