Facing the Season (2018)
From the Seasonal Hobbies Series
Self portrait, Finland

My art practice wants to be as close as possible to being alive, staying alive or the potential not being. I think of it an assembly of relations and affections that take place through my human scale, audience, things and places. It gives and takes agency, as it allows the performance to become alive in itself.

My performance art making wants to try to resist and challenge the hegemony of text, that so often has insisted in fortelling it. I consider my performance a way of thinking rather than a narration of something, therefore the how will precede the what. For breathing, it needs to be closer to poetry than to academic writing, and it is in this obscurity that it may ask, or even demand for trust.
At times uncomfortable for the artist, the audience, the curator, the institutions, it is in the space of the unknown where the liveness of performance happens. It will try to resist the temptation of decorations, rather looking to its capacity of permeating through the thick crust of definitive language.

When drawing or making work for camera, I might contradict parts of this statement but I embrace these contradictions.

Visual and Performance Artist