Making of Flores para los muertos (Flowers for the dead)

Making of Flores para los muertos (Flowers for the dead)
Saari  Residence, Mynämäki, Finland
Photography documentation by Samppa Törmalehto

As an artist living in the translocation (Mexico-Finland) I am interested in the potential art has for building different platforms of transmission for local histories and experiences where violence has been central; not based on hard facts or shocking images as in mass media, but rather through drawing people together into spaces where one’s own voice can be claimed, dismantling the silence hegemonic discourses build as paralysing structures. Since my arrival to Finland in 2011 and in the clash of cultural representation my work has questioned, How to reveal violence? How to react, how to make it visible without reproducing it? What are possible actions to reject violence?

Diana Soria Hernandez is a performative artist that  works in different mediums, mainly performance art but also paper and video works. Based in Helsinki and Mexico City she is interested in the exploration of visual and corporeal language.

Performative Artist