Fallen Tullip (2019)

Cut (One too many) (2019)
as part of SEASONAL HOBBIES series
Helsinki, Finland
Photo credit Jakob Johannsen

My performance practice is drawn into reaching for the intangible. As an artist living in between two continents, I am continuously attracted by the potential of elements, actions and languages that clash.  Through a process of deconstruction I destabilise meanings, exploring their capacity to renew associations and thoughts. When working with my human scale in relation to audience, geographies and media, I seek for an art that can break the inertia of paralysis or maybe even apathy and boredom. Upholding instinct as a knowledge of its own, I do not want to illustrate what is to be experienced, instead I trust the echo of what can burst from intimate remembrance, digging into a thought that is at times, collective or secretly personal. To evoke the absent and present it in palpable form, is my political act.


Visual and Performance Artist