Resist! Vienna! International Festival for Performance Art

>RESIST! Vienna! is an international performance art festival featuring 26 artists, attempting to offer answers to personal experiences of exclusion, repression and social restrictions.

13-16.6 BUBBLY CREEK PERFORMANCE ART ASSEMBLY for DfbrL8 (Defibrillator Gallery)

Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly

24-25.5 ArteVa | Ciclo de Performance Art en TAC Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Valladolid


2-4.5 Festival Internacional de Performance InSitu Guanajuato 2019

InSitu Guanajuato2019



12-13.4 Festival Internacional de Performance InSitu Chihuahua 2019

InSitu Chihuahua2019

18.1-17.2 MOSQUITOES. Solo exhibition at Muu galleria. Helsinki, Finland


How does this feel? A stitch on my scalp. It’s a sharp and filling pain that goes through my body like electricity, burning. My arm instinctively lifts up like a bow with an open palm, plunging with all its weigh towards the head. Did I kill it? I keep walking.

 After some hours, on my way back to the house I can barely think. I’m running, I’m fleeing.



30.11-1.12 STATE OF MOVE Performance Art Festival

State of Move

1-5.10 International Performance Art Festival, Body Landscapes. Copenhagen

International Performance Art Festival, Body Landscapes


27.8-24.9 History Will Be Kind To Me, For I Intend To Perform It -Project (Finland/Sweden/Norway)

History will be kind to me, for I intend to perform it -is a project that examines decolonisation and performative ways knowledge is embodied and performed. The project is organized in collaboration with New Performance Turku, PALS Festival in Stockholm, and PAB Festival in Bergen, and project partners include RAVY Biennale from Cameroon as well as Savvy Contemporary from Berlin.

Performance Art Bergen
New Performance Turku

25.7-16.8 Apereance in the Others Space. Blurborders Performance Art Exchange. Thailand

Poster Blurborders


19.7 SCREENING Cuerpo.Medio.Poder

flyer col
La Trenza Espacio Artístico Independiente
Ibagué, Colombia
Hora: 7:30 p.m.

Espacio Proyecto Libertad
Mérida, Venezuela

Centro de Arte Los Galpones
Caracas, Venezuela

Radio Tulum
Tulúm, México
8:00 p.m.

25.5 4 Performances: Exquisite Corpse (Bogotá)

Poster 4performances_Bogota

16-19.5 "Interaction and Collaboration in Performance Art" Artist talk, workshop and performance

Artist's Talk of Diana Soria Hernandez and Tomasz Szrama, 

16–18.5"Interaction and Collaboration in Performance Art"  at Escuela Nacional de Pintura Escultura y Grabado, La Esmeralda.

19.5. Collective performance of the students as well as collaborative performance of Diana and Tomasz in collaboration with Biosfera Experimental Arte de Acción in Ex Convento del Desierto de los Leones, Mexico.


12.5 DRAWING PERFORMANCES at MACO in Oaxaca, Mexico

11.5 Lecture on Polish and Latin American Performance Art in IAGO, Oaxaca, Mexico

20-21 April 4 Performances:Exquisite Corpse (Kontula) in collaboration with Kontula Electronic

Poster 4performances_Kntula

FEBRUARY Awarded a One year working grant by Finnish Cultural Foundation 2018

19-30 October. Valencia Intramurs-Festival of Street and Urban Art


INTRAMURS_posters 2017


20.10 Screening of the video Binary Terrorism at FemF, Helsinki, Finland

2.9 Immaterial Festival, Korkeaoja, Finland

Perimaterial flyer

3.-28.7 Mustarinda residency. Hyrynsalmi, Finland

still mustarinda 01

12-16.4 8th International Encounter: Performancear o Morir, Sierra Tarahumara (Norogachi)


20-22.4 Festival IN SITU, Guanajuato México


18-19.4 3er Encuentro Internacional de Performance UTOPIA, Guanajuato México




Awarded a one year working grant 2017 from Kone Foundation


Visual and Performance Artist