Mosquitoes (2019)

Reaction (2017)How does this feel? A stitch on my scalp. It’s a sharp and filling pain that goes through my body like electricity, burning. My arm instinctively lifts up like a bow with an open palm, plunging with all its weigh towards the head. Did I kill it? I keep walking.
After some hours, on my way back to the house I can barely think. I’m running, I’m fleeing


Looking forward to expand notions of past and present (his)stories in speeches and hegemonic narratives, this call seeks to bring together a selection of videos that can confront the viewers with silence and privilege of official histories.

#Ayotzinapa (11 performances)

El CarritoThe actions that are part of #Ayotzinapa were produced mainly in Helsinki, Finland between 11.2014 and 11.2015 in relation to the enforced disappearance of Ayotzinapa’s 43 rural students in Iguala, México on the 26-27th of September 2014.

(A)part (2016)

2016 (A)part. Photo credit by Tani Simberg

Performance commissioned by Baltic Circle International Theater Festival Helsinki, Finland
With the participation of  Sivuvalo Project
Sound design by Alejandro Montes de Oca
Live music by Coco Duro Duo

GET OVER IT (2012)

2012. Get Over It Exhibition.

Solo Exhibition at Kasarmikatu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Visual and Performance Artist