Skin Showcase (2019)
In collaboration with Leonardo Alvarez
In-Situ Festival Chihuahua, Mexico
Photo credit Sylvia Alonso

I bring a bunch of bananas and place them on a pedestal. I take a banana and scratch it. I nail it to the wall. I take a second banana and bite its surface. I nail it to the wall. I take a third banana and nail it to the wall. I cut the tip and squeeze the fruit out. I sew a banana with nylon thread and ask two persons to hold it. I cut the banana in several floating slices. I sit on a pedestal on the other side of the room. I ask Leonardo to join me and make the colorful oil paint mix he was playing with earlier that day, and that he has agreed in remaking as part of my performance. While he mixes, I eat and scratch my arm with animal cookies. He folds the arm with the resulting color. I lift my arm and fist. I walk with my fist high towards the bunch of bananas on pedestal, as I remove from the walls the exhibited bananas.

Visual and Performance Artist