IN THAT FREEDOM WE ARE ARTISTS (or the Art of Making a Bonsai) (2019)

Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly
curated by Angeliki Chaido Tsoli for Defibrillator Gallery
Zhou B Art Center, Bidgeport Chicago, USA
Duration 45 min
Photos courtesy of James R Southard of Under Main, Angeliki Tsoli, Chelsea Markuson

A text revealing negotiations between an artist and curator are printed and handed out to the audience. they are asked to read it out loud through out the performance. I cut my hair. Someone from the audience draws a juniper from a tablet while I make a bonsai out of the same juniper. Wire is attached from the remaining branches of the juniper and to audiences fingers (all admitted to be artists themselves). I rinse the juniper bonsai with my water bottle.

Visual and Performance Artist